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Renovations Continue With Courthouse Windows Grant
  Renovations continue on the Barbour County Courthouse windows this week as phase one of a renovation project is underway.  The renovation is a through a grant projected funded by the Courthouse Facilities Improvement Association, which will be completed in three phases if each phase of the grant is awarded. The renovation grant will improve the appearance and functionality of the courthouse.  
  “It will enhance the looks of the courthouse when complete,” says Barbour County Commission President Tim McDaniel.
  Currently, the initial phase of the renovation is to replace and repair the courthouse windows on the front part of the building on all three floors. Workers have been repairing and replacing windows, painting frames, and eliminating gaps in seals that will make the windows slightly more energy efficient.
  “The windows in the courthouse have been less energy efficient than they should be due to age, so the commission applied for a grant through the Courthouse Facilities Improvement Association and were awarded the money from that authority,” states Barbour County Coordinator Jeff Rogers. “Hopefully, if we’re awarded the grant again for next year, then we’ll move on to phase two.”
  However, the renovation project has to meet certain guidelines from the Division of Culture and History because of the historical importance of the courthouse. Only certain products can be used for the project, so the involved entities have had to coordinate to determine what materials can be used for the window renovations, including the glass, window, and paint types.
  Whatever the materials, the project is sure to make an impact on the appearance of the Barbour County Courthouse, which has continued to improve over the last few months.
  “It will definitely help appearance purposes and help with efficiency,” stated Rogers.
Fairmont Woman Charged In Child Custody Case
  Amanda Jo Boni, 34, of Fairmont, has been charged with concealment or removal of a minor child from custodian. According to the criminal report, West Virginia State Police Trooper F. J. Turansky located the defendant at a residence on South High Street in Philippi on August 1. The officer observed Boni holding a small child, who was later idenfitifed as the defendant’s daughter. The officer also observed the father of the child, Jerry Lee Boehm, inside the residence.
  Trooper Turnansky later discovered that legal custody of the child belonged to Boni’s parents. According to the criminal report, Boni had gone to her parents home and took the child out of her crib while the child was sleeping and then transported the child to the residence on South High Street.
  Additionally, the officer also discovered that there was a current Domestic Violence protective order in effect listing Boni as the “petitioner” and Boehm as the “respondent.” Trooper Turansky verified that Barbour County Circuit Court Judge, the Honorable Allan Moats, did sign an order on July 30 that states that the defendant no longer has custody of the child in question and is only granted supervised visitation.
  Boni was arrested on August 12, and was released from custody August 13, on a $5,000 property/surety bond.
Newly Amended Barbour County Clean Air Regulation
  On August 14, The Barbour County Board of Health amended its Clean Indoor Air Regulation to the Barbour County Clean Air Regulation of 2014. The purposes of this Regulation are:
to protect the public health and welfare by prohibiting smoking and the use of electronic smoking devices in enclosed public places and places of employment; to recognize that where the need to breathe smoke-free air conflicts with the desire to smoke, the need to breathe smoke-free air shall have priority; to facilitate smoking cessation by active smokers; and to discourage non-smokers from taking up the habit and thereby developing a nicotine addiction.
  The updated regulation eliminates indoor smoking in all public and private places of employment and in any business offering goods or services to the public, whether for give away or for sale, without exception located in Barbour County. It also eliminates outdoor smoking in public places including parks and playgrounds, and other outdoor public areas. The regulation is to take effect on October 1, 2014.
Copies of the regulation, free stickers, and helpful information will be mailed to businesses in the county.
  Additional copies of the Barbour County Clean Air Regulation may be picked up at the Barbour County Health Department Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., in the lobby of the County Clerk’s office at the Barbour County Courthouse, or viewed online at the Barbour County Health Department website at www.barbourhealthwv.com.
Saratoga Farms Food Storage
Students Return Saturday To Alderson Broaddus
  Alderson Broaddus University will welcome 403 incoming freshman and welcome back returning students this weekend as the university prepares to begin the 2014-2015 school year. The incoming class of 2018 is the third consecutive large freshman class for ABU since the university began the transition from college to university, and will be the second freshman class to enter the school under the university status.
Some students have already returned to campus, however. Some athletic teams, including the Alderson Broaddus football team, returned to the university last week in preparation for upcoming practices and classes.
  "Everyone on campus is ecstatic for our Battlers to return to their home away from home. The momentum on our mountaintop continues to soar as we welcome back our existing students and 403 new students for this year,” says Ashley Mittelmeier, Director of Marketing and Communications. “I love looking out my office window from the second floor of Burbick Hall and seeing the quad filled with excitement, activity and laughter. We are eager for the new school to begin!"
  Orientation for new students will be held on Saturday, August 23, as incoming freshman begin to move onto the Alderson Broaddus campus. A Battler Fair showcasing local businesses and services will be held for students and parents on Saturday afternoon from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. among several other events and presentations. The first day of classes will be Wednesday, August 27. 
PB Band Announces New Leadership And Twirlers For 2014-2015 Season
  The Philip Barbour High School Band has announced the Drum Major and Assistant for the 2014-15 school year. They are senior Kamian Bartlett, as Drum Major, son of Joe and Cami Watkins, of Philippi, and his assistant, junior Seth Gribble, son of David Gribble and Vanessa Gribble, of Belington. Twirlers for the band for 2014-2015 include seniors, Emily Snyder, daughter of Frank and Patti Snyder of Belington, and Josh Stuart, son of Larry and Shelley Stuart, of Philippi. Joining the seniors are junior Micah Cunningham, granddaughter of Beryl Curkendall, of Philippi. Rounding out the group are sophomores Callie Carpenter, daughter of Amy Chenoweth, of Belington; Tristen Furby, daughter of Gerald and Traci Furby, of Belington; and Rylee Shahan, daughter of Melissa and Jeff Shahan, of Belington. “The Pride of Barbour County” will open its season during the home opener, August 29, at George Byrer Field versus Grafton.
Barbour BOE To Hold Regular Meeting
The Barbour County Board of Education will meet in regular session at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, August 25, at the Board of Education Office, 105 South Railroad Street, Philippi, WV 26416.
Golden Rule Block Party August 21
  The Save the Golden Rule HubCap Team along with Belington OnTrac are having a block party on the Golden Rule lawn in Belington on Thursday, August 21, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
  Everyone is invited to the block party where there will be food and drinks provided along with music, games and fun. This is a free event just bring your lawn chair and come and join the fun. The team will be available to answer any questions that the public has on their current efforts to raise money to save the Golden Rule building.
  The Golden Rule was built in 1902, of timbers ranging from 4-6 inches and 12 ft. long. It has three full floors and a basement. It also has the only water powered elevator in WV and one of only two in the country. The other one is in San Fransico, CA.
  We want to bring this landmark back to life and have it open with small businesses, offices, shops, and much more. If you would be interested in helping by either volunteering your time or by making a donation, please contact us at (304) 823-1792. You can also follow us on Facebook at   “SavetheGoldenRule” and contributions can be mailed to BRC/WDG, PO Box 276, Belington, WV 26250.

Philippi Man Arrested For Failure To Register Sex Offender
  Bruce Allen Evans, 50, of Philippi, has been arrested on felony charges of failing to register or provide notice of registration changes as a convicted sex offender. Trooper First Class Shawn E. Hevener of the West Virginia State Police received information that registered sex offender, Evans, had moved from the address he had registered with.
According to the criminal complaint, Trooper Hevener traveled to the registered residence and was informed that although Evans had previously lived at the residence, he had not resided there since May 2014. The officer then reviewed the defendant’s registration folder and observed that Evans’ last registered address remained the same as it was when registered on March 12, 2014.
  The last business day that the defendant would have been able to register within the allotted time period was June 16. Evans failed to register by this time. The investigating officer obtained a CIB and Triple 1 for the defendant which stated that Evans’ end date on registering is non-expiring, meaning that he is a lifetime registrant as a sex offender.
Evens was released on August 4, on a $5,000 surety bond.
Barbour Commission Hears Request From Philippi Fire Chief
  The Barbour County Commission met in regular session on Monday night at the Barbour County Courthouse. At the meeting, the commission was addressed by Philippi Fire Chief Dave Utt on behalf of the Philippi Fire Department, who would like to begin billing for the department’s services.
  In his address to the commission, Utt stated that he would like for his department to start billing for their services; however, Utt explained that the department would not bill Barbour County residents or individuals for their services, but would rather bill insurance companies for reimbursement of material costs. Many other fire departments in surrounding counties bill for their services using similar methods as the one Utt described.  
  Out-of-county residents could incur costs for accidents in Barbour County. These individuals could incur leftover costs after insurance companies are build. Utt stressed that he would not be billing in-county residents, and would only be billing for accidents within his jurisdiction.
  Insurance companies would be billed for the cost of items and equipment used on service calls, such as the foam used in an accident earlier this month in which a transformer had caught fire. The cost of one five-gallon bucket of foam is about $100; Utt’s crew used two buckets to put the transformer fire out.
“I’m not looking to make money, but I am looking to get back some of the costs,” said Utt.
  The commission supported Utt’s idea, and requested additional information to see how other county’s departments are billing and the legalities involved. The commission will address the idea at their next meeting in September
  “There’s no question here,” said Tim McDaniel, Commission President. “The three of us would be in favor.”
  In other news, the commission signed two separate proclamations. The first proclamation named the week of September 22 through September 26 West Virginia and Barbour County Association of Retired School Employees Week on behalf of the Association of Retired School Employees as presented to the commission by Karen Larry. The second was brought forth by Brenda Wilmoth on behalf of the Barbour County Senior Center and named September National Senior Center Month in Barbour County.
  Barbour County Sheriff Phil Ferguson addressed the commission for permission to sell two out-of-use Dodge Durango cruisers in order to raise money to fix a Dodge Charger cruiser that is currently out of commission. All three commissioners agreed with Sheriff Ferguson’s plan and a motion was passed to allow the Sheriff’s Office to begin advertising to sell the cruisers.
  The Barbour County Commission will meet again in regular session on Monday, September 8, at 5 p.m. at the Barbour County Courthouse.
Belington Cleanup Dates Set
Friday, August 22, and Saturday, August 23, have been designated as clean-up days for Belington. The City of Belington along with Belington OnTrac are coordinating the annual clean-up. Clean-up efforts will include debris removal from sidewalks and streets; clearing mud off tennis court at city park; staining and painting picnic tables, benches and trash receptacles throughout town and at the city park; washing windows in downtown area; picking up trash along Main Street and at the city park; weeding flowerbeds and weed eating other overgrown areas and painting curbs throughout downtown.
The clean-up effort will kick-off both days at 9:00 a.m. Volunteers should meet at the Town Square area. Work will continue throughout the day until approx. 3 p.m. Help is needed anytime during the day, so people can come and go as needed. Lunch will be provided.
While we need many to come out and help with the clean-up effort, we also need people to bring trucks, shovels, weed eaters, buckets, wheelbarrows, and gloves if they have them.
Let’s have a great turnout and make our town shine again!
Huntington Man Arrested For Daytime Burglary
  Shaquan Marcel Miller, 20, of Huntington, was arrested on Tuesday, August 12, for a daytime burglary that occurred in November of last year on the campus Alderson Broaddus University.
According to the criminal report, on Nov. 21, 2013, Patrolman C. E. Keller of the Philippi Police Department met with an unnamed victim, who notified the officer that someone had entered his apartment in Benedum Residence Hall and stole his MacBook Air computer, valued at $1,200. The victim supplied the serial number for his computer and advised that the laptop had an internal security feature that could allow it to be traced.
  On July 10, 2014, Keller received a phone call from an Absolute LO JACK Company employee investigator, in which the employee advised the officer that an individual with the name of Shaquan Marcel Miller was using Facebook on the computer that was stolen from the victim.
  The victim and Miller lived in the same residence hall at Alderson Broaddus when the theft occurred, according to the criminal report. The victim allegedly advised the officer that Miller was a friend of the victim’s roommate and had been in his room several times prior to the theft.
  Miller was arrested and released earlier this month on a $25,000 personal recognizance bond.
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